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The ConvertCloudEventToSaveableForm SMT is used in conjunction with CloudEventsConverter and JdbcSinkConnector that is it makes a CloudEvent suitable for saving to a database.

It is done using the mapping between a CloudEvent and target database table columns; it specifies which CloudEvent field is associated with which column. A new structure and its schema created by the transform contain fields with the names of target table columns and values from an original CloudEvent. If a CloudEvent contains data field as a structure, it is flattened, that is, converted to JSON string.

To perform the conversion, SMT needs to know serializer type that is used to serialize and deserialize CloudEvents (JSON or Avro). serializer.type should have the same value as value.converter.serializer.type.


To convert a CloudEvent to a form suitable for JdbcSinkConnector, configure the ConvertCloudEventToSaveableForm SMT in the Kafka Connect configuration for a connector. For example, to convert CloudEvents that were serialized and deserialized with JSON provided that the target database has id, source, type, and payload columns, use the following configuration for the SMT:

"connector.class": "io.debezium.connector.jdbc.JdbcSinkConnector",
"transforms": "convertCloudEvent",
"transforms.convertCloudEvent.type": "io.debezium.connector.jdbc.transforms.ConvertCloudEventToSaveableForm",
"transforms.convertCloudEvent.fields.mapping": "id,source,type,data:payload",
"transforms.convertCloudEvent.serializer.type": "json",
"value.converter": "io.debezium.converters.CloudEventsConverter",
"value.converter.serializer.type": "json",
"": "json"

The following example shows the value of a record before and after the transformation is applied.

Example 1. Effect of applying the ConvertCloudEventToSaveableForm SMT
Value before the SMT processes the record
	"id": "624e6565-99ee-4fdb-9228-653138c3a7b3",
	"source": "/debezium/postgresql/book",
	"specversion": "1.0",
	"type": "BookCreated",
	"time": "2023-11-11T07:11:01.825Z",
	"datacontenttype": "application/json",
	"data": {
        "id": 4,
        "name": "1984",
        "publicationYear": 1949
Value after the SMT processes the record
	"id": "624e6565-99ee-4fdb-9228-653138c3a7b3",
	"source": "/debezium/postgresql/book",
	"type": "BookCreated",
	"payload": "{"id": 4, "name": "1984", "publicationYear": 1949}"

Configuration options

The following table lists the configuration options that you can use with the ConvertCloudEventToSaveableForm SMT.

Table 1. ConvertCloudEventToSaveableForm SMT configuration options





Valid Values


A comma-separated list of pairs each of which contains the name of a CloudEvents field followed by the name of a target table column


No default value

non-empty list


Serializer type that is used to serialize and deserialize CloudEvents. Should have the same value as value.converter.serializer.type.


No default value

json or avro