We created the Debezium open source project in early 2016,
and welcome everyone that wants to help us build the best
open source platform for change data capture.

"How can I help?"

You can contribute in multiple ways: by using Debezium, asking or answering questions, reporting issues, writing documentation, fixing bugs, discussing plans, and developing new features. Set up your local environment, star our GitHub repositories, and check out our open issues.

Learn how

"Where can I ask questions?"

Our documentation is full of useful information, and you might find an answer to your question there. If not, jump into our chat room for users or join our Google Group. Our developer chat room may be useful if you're interested in the in-depth inner workings of Debezium.

"I'm using Debezium!"

We love to hear how people are using Debezium, so let us know on Twitter @debezium or mention it in the Google Group. Include a link to your project, website, or blog post.

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