Contribute to Debezium

We’re an active open source software community. We welcome and value contributions from everyone, and have adopted a code of conduct for our community.

Follow us

We frequently post to Twitter about important goings on in the community. We also write on our blog about features, plans, and related technology. Follow both to keep track of what’s going on with Debezium.

Talk to us

There are two ways you can talk with our community about development related topics:

Suggest improvements

See a problem or think of something that we could do better? Check our issues to see if it’s already been mentioned or discussed. If it has, join the conversation to add your take. Otherwise, go ahead and create an issue with more detail than you think is necessary.


All of our code is in the Debezium Organization on GitHub, and currently we have several repositories.

  1. Get your development environment set up with the latest code, following the instructions in

  2. Check our open issues, especially those with the help_wanted label.

  3. Look at previous pull requests to learn our coding style and conventions.

  4. Ask fellow developers for guidance if you’re not sure how to proceed, get stuck, or simply need confirmation that you’re headed in the right direction.

  5. Make your changes and create a pull request, following our guidelines.


Our website is also a community effort, and we welcome suggestions, fixes, improvements, and even new blog posts related to Debezium. Everything for our website is also in on GitHub. Follow the instructions in to get your environment set up with the latest source and to make your changes.


Debezium is an open source project owned and sponsored by Red Hat. The Debezium name and logo are trademarks of Red Hat.

The Debezium project is operated as a community-centric open source project. While Red Hat product management has a voice, it is akin to the same voice of any member of the community, whether they contribute code, bug reports, bug fixes or documentation.