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The Debezium release cadence is in full swing as I’m excited to announce Debezium 2.1.2.Final!

This release focuses primarily on bug fixes and stability; and it is the recommended update for all users from earlier versions. This release contains 28 resolved issues, so let’s take a moment and discuss a critical breaking change.

In November last year, we announced we were looking for reinforcements for the team. And I have two pieces of news for you today: a good one and an even better one.

It’s my pleasure to announce not only the first release of the Debezium 2.2 series, but also the first release of Debezium in 2023, 2.2.0.Alpha!

The Debezium 2.2.0.Alpha1 release includes some breaking changes, a number of bug fixes, and some noteworthy improvements and features, including but not limited to:

  • [Breaking Change] - ZonedTimestamp values will no longer truncate fractional seconds.

  • [New] - Support ingesting changes from an Oracle logical stand-by database

  • [New] - Support Amazon S3 buckets using the Debezium Storage API

  • [New] - Support retrying database connections during connector start-up

  • [New] - Debezium Server sink connector support for Apache RocketMQ and Infinispan

This tutorial was originally published by QuestDB, where guest contributor, Yitaek Hwang, shows us how to stream data into QuestDB with change data capture via Debezium and Kafka Connect.

Today it’s my great pleasure to announce the availability of Debezium 2.1.0.Final!

You might recently noticed that Debezium went a bit silent for the last few weeks. No, we are not going away. In fact the elves in Google worked furiously to bring you a present under a Christmas tree - Debezium Spanner connector.