Debezium Roadmap

This page describes the roadmap for upcoming work on Debezium.

Debezium is community-driven and as such the roadmap constantly evolves to reflect the users needs and contributions. You can find a fine-grained list of planned issues and feature requests in our issue tracker, but this page is a good starting point to see where we are going.

This roadmap is subject to changes. Please get in touch if you think anything important is missing on the roadmap.


  • Provide standalone container for running Debezium without Apache Kafka and Connect, allowing to send change events to Kinesis and others

  • Unify more parts of the code base across connectors, e.g. handling of whitelists (ongoing)

  • Analyze and fix performance bottlenecks (ongoing)

  • Provide a Debezium-specific SPI for describing change event schemas


  • Rebase MySQLconnector to be based on new common framework

  • Provide more flexible options for snapshotting (whitelist changes, concurrent snapshotting and streaming etc.)

Future 1.x releases

  • API/SPI allowing to implement custom connectors on the foundations of Debezium

  • Exploration of creating aggregated events, based on the streams/data from multiple tables, so to enable use cases which need to incorporate data from multiple tables into a single output structure (e.g. an Elasticsearch document containing order and orderline info)

  • Support more messaging backends, e.g. Kinesis, Apache Pulsar etc.

  • Explore and provide building blocks for implementing CQRS architectures based on change data streams

  • Support for Infinispan as a source

  • Allow to propagate custom contextual data in change messages (e.g. the business user doing a certain change)

  • Alternative implementation for the Oracle connector not based on XStream, but e.g. using LogMiner or similar

  • Re-structure DB history topic to have proper semantic representation instead of being DDL-based (DBZ-549)

  • Support for Infinispan as a sink (to enable caching use cases)

  • Provide more detailed monitoring information about Debezium’s internal state and health via JMX (e.g. to spot loss of DB connection while the connector still is running)

  • Explore publication of change events via reactive data streams (on top of embedded connector)

  • DB history topic compaction tool

Past Releases

Please see the releases overview page to learn more about the contents of past Debezium releases.

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