Release Notes for Debezium 2.1

All notable changes for Debezium releases are documented in this file. Release numbers follow Semantic Versioning.

Release 2.1.0.Alpha1 (November 10th 2022)

Kafka compatibility

This release has been built against Kafka Connect 3.3.1 and has been tested with version 3.3.1 of the Kafka brokers. See the Kafka documentation for compatibility with other versions of Kafka brokers.


Before upgrading any connector, be sure to check the backward-incompatible changes that have been made since the release you were using.

When you decide to upgrade one of these connectors to 2.1.0.Alpha1 from any earlier versions, first check the migration notes for the version you’re using. Gracefully stop the running connector, remove the old plugin files, install the 2.1.0.Alpha1 plugin files, and restart the connector using the same (when upgrading from the same major version) or updated (when upgrading from an older major version) configuration. Upon restart, the 2.1.0.Alpha1 connectors will continue where the previous connector left off. As one might expect, all change events previously written to Kafka by the old connector will not be modified.

If you are using our container images, then please do not forget to pull them fresh from DockerHub.

Breaking changes

There are no breaking changes in this release.

New features

  • Support for Postgres 15 DBZ-5370

  • Add support for SMT predicates in Debezium Engine DBZ-5530

  • MySQL Connector capture TRUNCATE command as message in table topic DBZ-5610

  • Improve LogMiner query performance by reducing REGEXP_LIKE disjunctions DBZ-5648

  • Expose heartbeatFrequency setting for mongodb connector DBZ-5736

  • Provide Redis storage as store module DBZ-5749

  • Redis Sink wait for Redis Replica writes DBZ-5752

  • Redis sink back-pressure mechanism when Redis memory is almost full DBZ-5782

  • Enhance the ability to sanitize topic name DBZ-5790


  • Using snapshot boundary mode "all" causes DebeziumException on Oracle RAC DBZ-5302

  • ORA-01003: no statement parsed DBZ-5352

  • Missing snapshot pending transactions DBZ-5482

  • Db2 documentation refers to invalid SMALLMONEY and MONEY data types DBZ-5504

  • Using snapshot.mode ALWAYS uses SCN from offsets DBZ-5626

  • MongoDB multiple tasks monitor misalignment DBZ-5629

  • UNIQUE INDEX with NULL value throws exception when lob.enabled is true DBZ-5682

  • Oracle SQL parsing error when collation used DBZ-5726

  • Columns are not excluded when doing incremental snapshots DBZ-5727

  • Unparseable DDL statement DBZ-5734

  • NullPointerException thrown during snapshot of tables in Oracle source connector DBZ-5738

  • Remove note from snapshot metrics docs file that flags incremental snapshots as TP feature DBZ-5748

  • Hostname not available for load balanced ocp services in ARO DBZ-5753

  • Exclude Oracle Compression Advisor tables from capture to avoid infinite loop DBZ-5756

  • More Oracle logging DBZ-5759

  • Oracle should only log row contents at TRACE level DBZ-5760

  • Update system test artifact preparation to reflect naming changes in downstream DBZ-5767

  • Outbox Router documentation outdated regarding value converter DBZ-5770

  • Using DBMS_LOB.ERASE by itself can lead to an unexpected UPDATE with null BLOB value DBZ-5773

  • Suppress logging of undetermined optionality for explicitly excluded columns DBZ-5783

  • Oracle connector does not attempt restart when ORA-01089 exception is nested DBZ-5791

  • Message with LSN 'LSN{XYZ}' not present among LSNs seen in the location phase DBZ-5792

  • The merge method of configuration is not work DBZ-5801

  • Mysql connector alter table with database name parse failed DBZ-5802

Other changes

  • Execute tests with Apicurio converters DBZ-2131

  • Revision info missing on website DBZ-5083

  • Debezium on ARO sanity testing DBZ-5647

  • SQL Server connector docs should mention multi-task support DBZ-5714

  • Remove downstream TP designation for RAC content in Oracle connector docs DBZ-5735

  • Update Pulsar client to 2.10.1 DBZ-5737

  • Parametrize Strimzi operator name to enable multiple testsuites running on same cluster DBZ-5744

  • Enable CI to report results to ReportPortal instance DBZ-5745

  • Debezium connectors ship with an old version of google-protobuf vulnerable to CVE-2022-3171 DBZ-5747

  • Testsuite unable to connect to SQLServer due to encryption DBZ-5763

  • Testsuite uses incorrect jdbc driver class for SQLServer with docker DBZ-5764

  • Upgrade com.jayway.jsonpath:json-path DBZ-5766

  • Product profile is not used when running Oracle matrix against downstream DBZ-5768

  • Upgrade to Quarkus 2.14.CR1 DBZ-5774

  • Switch from Fest to AssertJ DBZ-5779

  • Upgrade postgres driver to version 42.5.0 DBZ-5780

  • Upgrade to Quarkus 2.14.0.Final DBZ-5786

  • Doc Typo in cloudevents DBZ-5788

  • Fix DB2 reporting script path DBZ-5799

  • Add ORA-01555 to Oracle documentation DBZ-5816

  • Change visibility of BaseSourceTask#logStatistics method to protected DBZ-5822

  • Upgrade Postgres images to Debian 11 DBZ-5823