Tested Versions

Java 11+
Kafka Connect 2.x, 3.x
MySQL Database: 5.7, 8.0.x
Driver: 8.0.29
MongoDB Database: 4.2, 4.4, 5.0, 6.0
Driver: 4.7.1
PostgreSQL Database: 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
Plug-ins: decoderbufs, pgoutput
Driver: 42.5.1
Oracle Database: 12c, 19c, 21c
SQL Server Database: 2017, 2019
Driver: 10.2.1.jre8
Cassandra 3 Database: 3.11.12
Driver: 3.11.12
Cassandra 4 Database: 4.0.2
Driver: 4.14.0
Db2 Database: 11.5
Spanner Database: 6.x
Driver: 6.x
Vitess Database: 12.0.x
Driver: 12.0.0*
* See the Vitess Connector documentation for limitations when using the connector with earlier Vitess versions

Not compatible with your requirements? Have a look at the other series.
See the Kafka documentation for compatibility with other versions of Kafka brokers.


Documentation for this specific series can be accessed below:

What's new

For more details on breaking changes, bugfixes, and new features see the release notes.


If you need details on how to install Debezium, we've documented some of the most common ways in the installation guide.

Releases in this series

The following are all the releases/bugfixes within this series.


Automatic LSN flushing can be disabled for PostgreSQL; Transformation predicates can be used in Debezium Server; An SMT that allows to calculate partitioin number based on a set of configured fields


Cassandra connector can run on Debezium Server; Nats JetStream sink adapter; Debezium images rebased to Fedora 37; Debezium image size significantly reduced; Improved handling of varint and decimal types in Cassandra