Release Notes for Debezium 2.2

All notable changes for Debezium releases are documented in this file. Release numbers follow Semantic Versioning.

Release 2.2.0.Alpha1 (January 19th 2023)

Kafka compatibility

This release has been built against Kafka Connect 3.3.1 and has been tested with version 3.3.1 of the Kafka brokers. See the Kafka documentation for compatibility with other versions of Kafka brokers.


Before upgrading any connector, be sure to check the backward-incompatible changes that have been made since the release you were using.

When you decide to upgrade one of these connectors to 2.2.0.Alpha1 from any earlier versions, first check the migration notes for the version you’re using. Gracefully stop the running connector, remove the old plugin files, install the 2.2.0.Alpha1 plugin files, and restart the connector using the same configuration. Upon restart, the 2.2.0.Alpha1 connectors will continue where the previous connector left off. As one might expect, all change events previously written to Kafka by the old connector will not be modified.

If you are using our container images, then please do not forget to pull them fresh from DockerHub.

Breaking changes

ZonedTimestamp strings were sent with fractional second trailing zeroes removed. Current behaviour is to provide the trailing zeroes padded to the length/scale of the source column (DBZ-5996).

New features

  • Remove redundant modifiers of members for interface fields DBZ-2439

  • Allow reading from read-only Oracle standby disaster/recovery DBZ-3866

  • Remove option for specifying driver class from MySQL Connector DBZ-4663

  • Support S3 bucket as Dezbium history store DBZ-5402

  • Update the DBZ-UI documentation page to incorporate the recently added "Custom properties" step details DBZ-5878

  • Support retrying database connection failures during connector start DBZ-5879

  • Add support for Connect Headers to Debezium Server DBZ-5926

  • Sink adapter for Apache RocketMQ DBZ-5962

  • Sink adapter for Infinispan DBZ-5986

  • Add custom Debezium banner to Debezium Server DBZ-6004

  • Postgres LSN check should honor event.processing.failure.handling.mode DBZ-6012

  • Enhance the Spanner connector by adding features and/or solving bugs DBZ-6014


  • Debezium is not working with apicurio and custom truststores DBZ-5282

  • Show/Hide password does not work on Connectors View details screen DBZ-5322

  • Snapshotter#snapshotCompleted is invoked regardless of snapshot result DBZ-5852

  • Oracle cannot undo change DBZ-5907

  • Postgresql Data Loss on restarts DBZ-5915

  • Oracle Multithreading lost data DBZ-5945

  • Spanner connector is missing JSR-310 dependency DBZ-5959

  • Truncate records incompatible with ExtractNewRecordState DBZ-5966

  • Computed partition must not be negative DBZ-5967

  • Stream tag images are not published DBZ-5979

  • Table size log message for tables not correct DBZ-5985

  • NPE in execute snapshot signal with exclude.tables config on giving wrong table name DBZ-5988

  • There is a problem with postgresql connector parsing the boundary value of money type DBZ-5991

  • Log statement for unparseable DDL statement in MySqlDatabaseSchema contains placeholder DBZ-5993

  • Synchronize all actions with core CI & fix GitHub Actions set-output command DBZ-5998

  • Postgresql connector parses the null of the money type into 0 DBZ-6001

  • Run PostgresConnectorIT.shouldReceiveChangesForChangeColumnDefault() failed DBZ-6002

Other changes

  • Plug-in version information duplicated DBZ-4669

  • Move common code in Cassandra connector core module DBZ-5950

  • website-builder image cannot be built DBZ-5971

  • Zookeeper 3.6.3 available only on archive DBZ-5972

  • Jenkins pipelines don’t provide information about FAILURE status DBZ-5974

  • Remove incubating documentation text for MongoDB ExtractNewDocumentState SMT DBZ-5975

  • Use replace rather than replaceAll DBZ-5976

  • Upgrade Apicurio to 2.4.1.Final DBZ-5977

  • Upgrade JDBC driver to 42.5.1 DBZ-5980

  • Update TestContainers to 1.17.6 DBZ-5990

  • Align pipeline tests with new connector pipelines DBZ-5999

  • Db2 incremental snapshot test execution is blocked DBZ-6008