Debezium Blog

I am very happy to announce the release of Debezium 1.7.0.CR1!

For this release, we’ve reworked how column filters are handled during snapshotting, the Debezium container images have been updated to use Fedora 34 as their base, there’s support for MySQL INVISIBLE columns, and much more.

Apache Kafka 2.8 allows for a first glimpse into the ZooKeeper-less future of the widely used event streaming platform: shipping with a preview of KIP-500 ("Replace ZooKeeper with a Self-Managed Metadata Quorum"), you can now run Kafka clusters without the need for setting up and operating Apache ZooKeeper. This does not only simplify running Kafka from an operational perspective, the new metadata quorum implementation (named "KRaft", Kafka Raft metadata mode) also should provide much better scaling characteristics, for instance when it comes to large numbers of topics and partitions.

It’s my pleasure to announce the second release of the Debezium 1.7 series, 1.7.0.Beta1!

This release brings NATS Streaming support for Debezium Server along with many other fixes and enhancements. Also this release is the first one tested with Apache Kafka 2.8.

Welcome to the latest edition of "Debezium Community Stories With…​", a series of interviews with members of the Debezium and change data capture community, such as users, contributors or integrators. Today it’s my pleasure to talk to Sergei Morozov.

We are pleased to announce the first official release of the Debezium graphical user interface!

As announced a few months back, our team has been working on a Debezium UI proof-of-concept. The goal of the PoC was to explore ways in which a graphical UI could facilitate the getting started and operational experience of Debezium users.

Debezium is very flexible - each connector can be configured and fine-tuned in a variety of ways. It provides metrics which give the user insight into the state of the running Debezium connectors, allowing the customer to safely operate CDC pipelines in huge installations with thousands of connectors. This flexibility, however, comes with a learning curve for the user to understand all of the different settings and options.

To that end, we have produced a UI which will allow users to set up and operate connectors more easily. The UI is now available as part of the Debezium releases for our community!