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I am pleased to announce the release of Debezium 1.4.0.Final!

This release concludes the major work put into Debezium over the last three months. Overall, the community fixed 117 issues during that time, including the following key features and changes:

  • New Vitess connector, featured in an in-depth blog post by Kewei Shang

  • Fine-grained selection of snapshotted tables

  • PostgreSQL Snapshotter completion hook

  • Distributed Tracing

  • MySQL support for create or read records emitted during snapshot

  • Many Oracle Logminer adapter improvements

  • Full support for Oracle JDBC connection strings

  • Improved reporting of DDL errors

I’m pleased to announce the release of Debezium 1.4.0.CR1!

This release focuses primarily on polishing the 1.4 release.

I’m pleased to announce the release of Debezium 1.4.0.Beta1!

This release includes support for distributed tracing, lowercase table and schema naming for Db2, specifying MySQL snapshot records as create or read operations, and enhancements to Vitess for nullable and primary key columns.

I’m excited to announce the release of Debezium 1.4.0.Alpha2!

This second pass of the 1.4 release line provides a few useful new features:

  • New API hook for the PostgreSQL Snapshotter interface

  • Field renaming using ExtractNewRecordState SMT’s add.fields and add.headers configurations

I’m excited to announce the release of Debezium 1.3.1.Final!

This release primarily focuses on bugs that were reported after the 1.3 release. Most importantly, the following bugs were fixed related to the Debezium connector for Oracle LogMiner adapter thanks to the continued feedback by the Debezium community.

  • SQLExceptions thrown when using Oracle LogMiner (DBZ-2624)

  • LogMiner mining session stopped due to WorkerTask killed (DBZ-2629)

I am excited to announce the release of Debezium 1.4.0.Alpha1!

This first pass of the 1.4 release line provides a few useful new features:

  • New Vitess connector

  • Allow fine-grained selection of snapshotted tables

Overall, the community fixed 41 issues for this release. Let’s take a closer look at some of the highlights.

It’s with great please that I’m announcing the release of Debezium 1.3.0.Final!

As per Debezium’s quarterly release cadence, this wraps up the work of the last three months. Overall, the community has fixed 138 issues during that time, including the following key features and changes:

  • A new incubating LogMiner-based implementation for ingesting change events from Oracle

  • Support for Azure Event Hubs in Debezium Server

  • Upgrade to Apache Kafka 2.6

  • Revised filter option names

  • A new SQL Server connector snapshot mode, initial_only

  • Support for database-filtered columns for SQL Server

  • Additional connection options for the MongoDB connector

  • Improvements to ByteBufferConverter for implementing the outbox pattern with Avro as the payload format

I’m very happy to announce the release of Debezium 1.3.0.CR1!

As we approach the final stretch of Debezium 1.3 Final, we took this opportunity to add delegate converter support for the ByteBufferConverter and introduce a debezium-scripting module. In addition, there’s also a range of bug fixes and quite a bit of documentation polish; overall, not less than 15 issues have been resolved for this release.

I’m very happy to announce the release of Debezium 1.3.0.Beta2!

In this release we’ve improved support for column filtering for the MySQL and SQL Server connectors, and there’s a brand-new implementation for ingesting change events from Oracle, using the LogMiner package. As we’re on the home stretch towards Debezium 1.3 Final, there’s also a wide range of smaller improvements, bug fixes and documentation clarifications; overall, not less than 44 issues have been resolved for this release.

It’s my pleasure to announce the release of Debezium 1.3.0.Beta1!

This release upgrades to the recently released Apache Kafka version 2.6.0, fixes several critical bugs and comes with a renaming of the connector configuration options for selecting the tables to be captured. We’ve also released Debezium 1.2.2.Final, which is a drop-in replacement for all users of earlier 1.2.x releases.

I’m very happy to announce the release of Debezium 1.2.0.Final!

Over the last three months, the community has resolved nearly 200 issues. Key features of this release include:

  • New Kafka Connect single message transforms (SMTs) for content-based event routing and filtering; Upgrade to Apache Kafka 2.5

  • Schema change topics for the Debezium connectors for SQL Server, Db2 and Oracle

  • Support for SMTs and message converters in the Debezium embedded engine

  • Debezium Server, a brand-new runtime which allows to propagate data change events to a range of messaging infrastructures like Amazon Kinesis, Google Cloud Pub/Sub, and Apache Pulsar

  • A new column masking mode "consistent hashing", allowing to anonymize column values while still keeping them correlatable

  • New metrics for the MongoDB connector

  • Improved re-connect capability for the SQL Server connector

With great happiness I’m announcing the release of Debezium 1.2.0.Beta1!

This release brings user-facing schema change topics for the SQL Server, Db2 and Oracle connectors, a new message transformation for content-based change event routing, support for a range of array column types in Postgres and much more. We also upgraded the Debezium container images for Apache Kafka and Kafka Connect to version 2.5.0.

As it’s the answer to all questions in life, the number of issues fixed for this release is exactly 42!

It’s with great excitement that I’m announcing the release of Debezium 1.1.0.Final!

About three months after the 1.0 release, this new version comes with many exciting new features such as:

It’s my pleasure to announce the release of Debezium 1.1.0.CR1!

This release brings a brand-new API module, including a facility for overriding the schema and value conversion of specific columns. The Postgres connector gained the ability to reconnect to the database after a connection loss, and the MongoDB connector supports the metrics known from other connectors now.

Release early, release often! After the 1.1 Beta1 and 1.0.1 Final releases earlier this week, I’m today happy to share the news about the release of Debezium 1.1.0.Beta2!

The main addition in Beta2 is support for integration tests of your change data capture (CDC) set-up using Testcontainers. In addition, the Quarkus extension for implementing the outbox pattern as well as the SMT for extracting the after state of change events have been re-worked and offer more configuration flexibility now.

Today it’s my great pleasure to announce the availability of Debezium 1.0.0.Final!

Since the initial commit in November 2015, the Debezium community has worked tirelessly to realize the vision of building a comprehensive open-source low-latency platform for change data capture (CDC) for a variety of databases.

Within those four years, Debezium’s feature set has grown tremendously: stable, highly configurable CDC connectors for MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB and SQL Server, incubating connectors for Apache Cassandra and Oracle, facilities for transforming and routing change data events, support for design patterns such as the outbox pattern and much more. A very active and welcoming community of users, contributors and committers has formed around the project. Debezium is deployed to production at lots of organizations from all kinds of industries, some with huge installations, using hundreds of connectors to stream data changes out of thousands of databases.

The 1.0 release marks an important milestone for the project: based on all the production feedback we got from the users of the 0.x versions, we figured it’s about time to express the maturity of the four stable connectors in the version number, too.

I’m very happy to announce the release of Debezium 0.10.0.CR2!

After the CR1 release we decided to do another candidate release, as there was not only a good number of bug fixes coming in, but also a few very useful feature implementations were provided by the community, which we didn’t want to delay. So we adjusted the original plan a bit and now aim for Debezium 0.10 Final in the course of next week, barring any unforeseen regressions.

As usual, let’s take a closer look at some of the new features and resolved bugs.

The Debezium community is on the homestretch towards the 0.10 release and we’re happy to announce the availability of Debezium 0.10.0.CR1!

Besides a number of bugfixes to the different connectors, this release also brings a substantial improvement to the way initial snapshots can be done with Postgres. Unless any major regressions show up, the final 0.10 release should follow very soon.

The temperatures are slowly cooling off after the biggest summer heat, an the Debezium community is happy to announce the release of Debezium 0.10.0.Beta4. In this release we’re happy to share some news we don’t get to share too often: with Apache Cassandra, another database gets added to the list of databases supported by Debezium!

In addition, we finished our efforts for rebasing the existing Postgres connector to Debezium framework structure established for the SQL Server and Oracle connectors. This means more shared coded between these connectors, and in turn reduced maintenance efforts for the development team going forward; but there’s one immediately tangible advantage for you coming with this, too: the Postgres connector now exposes the same metrics you already know from the other connectors.

Finally, the new release contains a range of bugfixes and other useful improvements. Let’s explore some details below.

The summer is at its peak but Debezium community is not relenting in its effort so the Debezium 0.10.0.Beta3 is released.

This version not only continues in incremental improvements of Debezium but also brings new shiny features.

All of you who are using PostgreSQL 10 and higher as a service offered by different cloud providers definitely felt the complications when you needed to deploy logical decoding plugin necessary to enable streaming. This is no longer necessary. Debezium now supports (DBZ-766) pgoutput replication protocol that is available out-of-the-box since PostgreSQL 10.

It’s my pleasure to announce the release of Debezium 0.10.0.Beta2!

This further stabilizes the 0.10 release line, with lots of bug fixes to the different connectors. 23 issues were fixed for this release; a couple of those relate to the DDL parser of the MySQL connector, e.g. around RENAME INDEX (DBZ-1329), SET NEW in triggers (DBZ-1331) and function definitions with the COLLATE keyword (DBZ-1332).

For the Postgres connector we fixed a potential inconsistency when flushing processed LSNs to the database (DBZ-1347). Also the "include.unknown.datatypes" option works as expected now during snapshotting (DBZ-1335) and the connector won’t stumple upon materialized views during snapshotting any longer (DBZ-1345).

Another week, another Debezium release — I’m happy to announce the release of Debezium 0.10.0.Beta1!

Besides the upgrade to Apache Kafka 2.2.1 (DBZ-1316), this mostly fixes some bugs, including a regression to the MongoDB connector introduced in the Alpha2 release (DBZ-1317).

A very welcomed usability improvement is that the connectors will log a warning now if not at least one table is actually captured as per the whitelist/blacklist configuration (DBZ-1242). This helps to prevent the accidental exclusion all tables by means of an incorrect filter expression, in which case the connectors "work as intended", but no events are propagated to the message broker.

Please see the release notes for the complete list of issues fixed in this release. Also make sure to examine the upgrade guidelines for 0.10.0.Alpha1 and Alpha2 when upgrading from earlier versions.

Many thanks to community members Cheng Pan and Ching Tsai for their contributions to this release!

Release early, release often — Less than a week since the Alpha1 we are announcing the release of Debezium 0.10.0.Alpha2!

This is an incremental release that completes some of the tasks started in the Alpha1 release and provides a few bugfixes and also quality improvements in our Docker images.

The change in the logic of the snapshot field has been delivered (DBZ-1295) as outlined in the last announcement. All connectors now provide information which of the records is the last one in the snapshot phase so that downstream consumers can react to this.

I’m very happy to announce the release of Debezium 0.10.0.Alpha1!

The major theme for Debezium 0.10 will be to do some clean-up (that’s what you do at this time of the year, right?); we’ve planned to remove a few deprecated features and to streamline some details in the structure the CDC events produced by the different Debezium connectors.

This means that upgrading to Debezium 0.10 from earlier versions might take a bit more planning and consideration compared to earlier upgrades, depending on your usage of features and options already marked as deprecated in 0.9 and before. But no worries, we’re describing all changes in great detail in this blog post and the release notes.

It’s my pleasure to announce the release of Debezium 0.9.5.Final!

This is a recommended update for all users of earlier versions; besides bug fixes also a few new features are provide. The release contains 18 resolved issues overall.

Quickly following up to last week’s release of Debezium 0.9, it’s my pleasure today to announce the release of Debezium 0.9.1.Final!

This release fixes a couple of bugs which were reported after the 0.9 release. Most importantly, there are two fixes to the new Debezium connector for SQL Server, which deal with correct handling of LSNs after connector restarts (DBZ-1128, DBZ-1131). The connector also uses more reasonable defaults for the selectMethod and fetchSize options of the SQL Server JDBC driver (DBZ-1065), which can help to significantly increase through-put and reduce memory consumption of the connector.

The MySQL connector supports GENERATED columns now with the new Antlr-based DDL parser (DBZ-1123), and for the Postgres connector the handling of primary key column definition changes was improved (DBZ-997).

I’m delighted to announce the release of Debezium 0.9 Final!

This release only adds a small number of changes since last week’s CR1 release; most prominently there’s some more metrics for the SQL Server connector (lag behind master, number of transactions etc.) and two bug fixes related to the handling of partitioned tables in MySQL (DBZ-1113) and Postgres (DBZ-1118).

Having been in the works for six months after the initial Alpha release, Debezium 0.9 comes with a brand new connector for SQL Server, lots of new features and improvements for the existing connectors, updates to the latest versions of Apache Kafka and the supported databases as well as a wide range of bug fixes.

Reaching the home stretch towards Debezium 0.9, it’s with great pleasure that I’m announcing the first release of Debezium in 2019, 0.9.0.CR1!

For this release we’ve mainly focused on sorting out remaining issues in the Debezium connector for SQL Server; the connector comes with greatly improved performance and has received a fair number of bug fixes.

Other changes include a new interface for event handlers of Debezium’s embedded engine, which allows for bulk handling of change events, an option to export the scale of numeric columns as schema parameter, as well as a wide range of bug fixes for the Debezium connectors for MySQL, Postgres and Oracle.

With only a few days left for the year, it’s about time for another Debezium release; so it’s with great pleasure that I’m announcing Debezium 0.9.0.Beta2!

This release comes with support for MySQL 8 and Oracle 11g; it includes a first cut of metrics for monitoring the SQL Server and Oracle connectors, several improvements to the MongoDB event flattening SMT as well as a wide range of bug fixes. Overall, not less than 42 issues were addressed; very clearly, there has to be some deeper sense in that ;)

A big shout out goes to the following members Debezium’s amazing community, who contributed to this release: Eero Koplimets, Grzegorz Kołakowski, Hanlin Liu, Lao Mei, Renato Mefi, Tautvydas Januskevicius, Wout Scheepers and Zheng Wang!

In the following, let’s take a closer look at some of the changes coming with the 0.9 Beta2 release.

It’s my pleasure to announce the release of Debezium 0.9.0.Beta1! Oh, and to those of you who are celebrating it — Happy Thanksgiving!

This new Debezium release comes with several great improvements to our work-in-progress SQL Server connector:

  • Initial snapshots can be done using the snapshot isolation level if enabled in the DB (DBZ-941)

  • Changes to the structures of captured tables after the connector has been set up are supported now (DBZ-812)

  • New connector option decimal.handling.mode (DBZ-953) and pass-through of any database.* option to the JDBC driver (DBZ-964)

It’s my pleasure to announce the release of Debezium 0.9.0.Alpha2!

While the work on the connectors for SQL Server and Oracle continues, we decided to do another Alpha release, as lots of fixes and new features - many of them contributed by community members - have piled up, which we wanted to get into your hands as quickly as possible.

This release supports Apache Kafka 2.0, comes with support for Postgres' HSTORE column type, allows to rename and filter fields from change data messages for MongoDB and contains multiple bug fixes and performance improvements. Overall, this release contains 55 fixes (note that a few of these have been merged back to 0.8.x and are contained in earlier 0.8 releases, too).

A big "Thank You" is in order to community members Andrey Pustovetov, Artiship Artiship, Cliff Wheadon, Deepak Barr, Ian Axelrod, Liu Hanlin, Maciej Bryński, Ori Popowski, Peng Lyu, Philip Sanetra, Sagar Rao and Syed Muhammad Sufyian for their contributions to this release. We salute you!

Just two weeks after the Debezium 0.8 release, I’m very happy to announce the release of Debezium 0.9.0.Alpha1!

The main feature of the new version is a first work-in-progress version of the long-awaited Debezium connector for MS SQL Server. Based on the CDC functionality available in the Enterprise and Standard editions, the new connector lets you stream data changes out of Microsoft’s popular RDBMS.

Besides that we’ve continued the work on the Debezium Oracle connector. Most notably, it supports initial snapshots of captured tables now. We’ve also upgraded Apache Kafka in our Docker images to 1.1.1 (DBZ-829).

Please take a look at the change log for the complete list of changes in 0.9.0.Alpha1 and general upgrade notes.

Note: At the time of writing (2018-07-26), the release artifacts (connector archives) are available on Maven Central. We’ll upload the Docker images for 0.9.0.Alpha1 to Docker Hub as soon as possible. The Docker images are already uplodaded and ready for use under tags 0.9.0.Alpha1 and rolling 0.9.

I’m very happy to announce the release of Debezium 0.8.0.Final!

The key features of Debezium 0.8 are the first work-in-progress version of our Oracle connector (based on the XStream API) and a brand-new parser for MySQL DDL statements. Besides that, there are plenty of smaller new features (e.g. propagation of default values to corresponding Connect schemas, optional propagation of source queries in CDC messages and a largely improved SMT for sinking changes from MongoDB into RDBMS) as well as lots of bug fixes (e.g. around temporal and numeric column types, large transactions with Postgres).

Please see the previous announcements (Beta 1, CR 1) to learn about all the changes in more depth. The Final release largely resembles CR1; apart from further improvements to the Oracle connector (DBZ-792) there’s one nice addition to the MySQL connector contributed by Peter Goransson: when doing a snapshot, it will now expose information about the processed rows via JMX (DBZ-789), which is very handy when snapshotting larger tables.

Please take a look at the change log for the complete list of changes in 0.8.0.Final and general upgrade notes.

A fantastic Independence Day to all the Debezium users in the U.S.! But that’s not the only reason to celebrate: it’s also with great happiness that I’m announcing the release of Debezium 0.8.0.CR1!

Following our new release scheme, the focus for this candidate release of Debezium 0.8 has been to fix bug reported for last week’s Beta release, accompanied by a small number of newly implemented features.

Thanks a lot to everyone testing the new Antlr-based DDL parser for the MySQL connector; based on the issues you reported, we were able to fix a few bugs in it. As announced recently, for 0.8 the legacy parser will remain the default implementation, but you are strongly encouraged to test out the new one (by setting the connector option ddl.parser.mode to antlr) and report any findings you may have. We’ve planned to switch to the new implementation by default in Debezium 0.9.

It’s with great excitement that I’m announcing the release of Debezium 0.8.0.Beta1!

This release brings many exciting new features as well as bug fixes, e.g. the first drop of our new Oracle connector, a brand new DDL parser for the MySQL connector, support for MySQL default values and the update to Apache Kafka 1.1.

Due to the big number of changes (the release contains exactly 42 issues overall), we decided to alter our versioning schema a little bit: going forward we may do one or more Beta and CR ("candidate release") releases before doing a final one. This will allow us to get feedback from the community early on, while still completing and polishing specific features. Final (stable) releases will be named like 0.8.0.Final etc.