Release early, release often — Less than a week since the Alpha1 we are announcing the release of Debezium 0.10.0.Alpha2!

This is an incremental release that completes some of the tasks started in the Alpha1 release and provides a few bugfixes and also quality improvements in our Docker images.

The change in the logic of the snapshot field has been delivered (DBZ-1295) as outlined in the last announcement. All connectors now provide information which of the records is the last one in the snapshot phase so that downstream consumers can react to this.

Apache ZooKeeper was upgraded to version 3.4.14 to fix a security vulnerability (CVE-2019-0201).

Our regular contributor Renato dived deeply into our image build scripts and enriched (DBZ-1279) them with a Dockerfile linter.

Schema change events include the table name(s) in the metadata describing which tables are affected by the change (DBZ-871).

Bartosz Miedlar has fixed a bug in MySQL ANTLR grammar causing issues with identifiers in backquotes (DBZ-1300).

What’s next?

We hope we will be able to keep the recent release cadence and get lout the first beta version of 0.10 in two weeks.

Stay tuned for more!

Jiri Pechanec

Jiri is a software developer (and a former quality engineer) at Red Hat. He spent most of his career with Java and system integration projects and tasks. He lives near Brno, Czech Republic.


About Debezium

Debezium is an open source distributed platform that turns your existing databases into event streams, so applications can see and respond almost instantly to each committed row-level change in the databases. Debezium is built on top of Kafka and provides Kafka Connect compatible connectors that monitor specific database management systems. Debezium records the history of data changes in Kafka logs, so your application can be stopped and restarted at any time and can easily consume all of the events it missed while it was not running, ensuring that all events are processed correctly and completely. Debezium is open source under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

Get involved

We hope you find Debezium interesting and useful, and want to give it a try. Follow us on Twitter @debezium, chat with us on Zulip, or join our mailing list to talk with the community. All of the code is open source on GitHub, so build the code locally and help us improve ours existing connectors and add even more connectors. If you find problems or have ideas how we can improve Debezium, please let us know or log an issue.