I’m excited to announce the release of Debezium 1.9.7.Final!

This release focuses on bug fixes and stability; and is the recommended update for all users from earlier versions. This release contains 22 resolved issues overall.


A few noteworthy bug fixes and stability improvements include:

  • Debezium connectors ship with an old version of google-protobuf vulnerable to CVE-2022-3171 DBZ-5747

  • ORA-01289: cannot add duplicate logfile DBZ-5276

  • Using snapshot boundary mode "all" causes DebeziumException on Oracle RAC DBZ-5302

  • Missing snapshot pending transactions DBZ-5482

  • Outbox pattern nested payload leads to connector crash DBZ-5654

  • Keyword virtual can be used as an identifier DBZ-5674

  • MongoDB Connector with DocumentDB errors with "{$natural: -1} is not supported" DBZ-5677

  • Function DATE_ADD can be used as an identifier DBZ-5679

  • UNIQUE INDEX with NULL value throws exception when lob.enabled is true DBZ-5682

  • MySqlConnector parse create view statement failed DBZ-5708

  • Debezium Server 1.9.6 is using MSSQL JDBC 7.2.2 instead of 9.4.1 DBZ-5711

  • Vitess: Handle Vstream error: unexpected server EOF DBZ-5722

  • ParsingException: DDL statement couldn’t be parsed (index hints) DBZ-5724

  • Oracle SQL parsing error when collation used DBZ-5726

  • Unparseable DDL statement DBZ-5734

Please refer to the release notes to learn more about all fixed bugs, update procedures, etc.

Many thanks to the following individuals from the community who contributed to Debezium 1.9.7.Final: Anisha Mohanty, Bin Huang, Bob Roldan, Chris Cranford, Harvey Yue, Henry Cai, Jakub Cechacek, Jan Werner, Jiri Pechanec, Jochen Schalanda, Nils Hartmann, Phạm Ngọc Thắng, Sage Pierce, Stefan Miklosovic, and Vojtech Juranek!

Outlook, What’s next?

This past year has been packed full of tons of changes. This makes the eighth and likely final stable release for Debezium 1.9 as we begin to turn our attention fully to Debezium 2.0 moving forward.

With Debezium 2.0 released on October 17th, just last week, the team is now hard at work addressing your feedback, so keep that coming. We’re also actively working on the next installment of Debezium, 2.1, which will be released later this year. Be sure to keep an eye on our road map in the coming week as we intend to debut what is planned for Debezium 2.1 and what’s to come in 2023!

Until then, stay safe!

Chris Cranford

Chris is a software engineer at Red Hat. He previously was a member of the Hibernate ORM team and now works on Debezium. He lives in North Carolina just a few hours from Red Hat towers.


About Debezium

Debezium is an open source distributed platform that turns your existing databases into event streams, so applications can see and respond almost instantly to each committed row-level change in the databases. Debezium is built on top of Kafka and provides Kafka Connect compatible connectors that monitor specific database management systems. Debezium records the history of data changes in Kafka logs, so your application can be stopped and restarted at any time and can easily consume all of the events it missed while it was not running, ensuring that all events are processed correctly and completely. Debezium is open source under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

Get involved

We hope you find Debezium interesting and useful, and want to give it a try. Follow us on Twitter @debezium, chat with us on Zulip, or join our mailing list to talk with the community. All of the code is open source on GitHub, so build the code locally and help us improve ours existing connectors and add even more connectors. If you find problems or have ideas how we can improve Debezium, please let us know or log an issue.