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I’m pleased to announce the immediate availability of Debezium 2.6.1.Final. This release is the first maintenance release that focuses on addressing several critical stability issues with the 2.6.0.Final release, including classpath loading problems with Debezium Server, MongoDB silently stops gathering changes, and a race condition with the Oracle Infinispan buffer implementation.

Let’s take a few moments and dive into these and more…​

As the team has sprung forward into action, with spring upon us, and we’re in the summer spirit, we are pleased to announce the immediate release of Debezium 2.6.0.Final. This release includes dozens of new features, bug fixes, and improvements from the valiant efforts of the team and community contributors. Overall, there were 249 issues resolved with contributions from over 56 contributors. Lets a moment and review all the changes.

As we are just a week away from Debezium 2.6.0.Final, I am pleased to announce Debezium 2.6.0.CR1, the first release candidate for the 2.6 release stream. This release includes a number of improvements, including XML support for the Oracle OpenLogReplicator adapter, TRACE level logging support for Debezium Server, configurable partition modes for Cassandra, the new Snapshot API for MongoDB and Db2, and more.

Additionally, this release includes a variety of bug fixes and several breaking changes.

Let’s take a closer look at all these changes and improvements included in Debezium 2.6.0.CR1; as always, you can find the complete list of changes for this release in the release notes. Please remember to take special note to any breaking changes that could affect your upgrade path.

We are happy to announce the third maintenance release of the Debezium 2.5 release stream, Debezium 2.5.3.Final. This release includes some improvements and numerous bug fixes, so let’s dive right in…​

We are pleased to announce the release of Debezium 2.6.0.Beta1. We enter the home stretch with this release, packed with many improvements, enhancements, bug fixes, and yes a brand new Db2 connector for iSeries. There is a lot to cover in this release, so lets dive right in! Breaking changes The team aims to avoid any potential breaking changes between minor releases; however, such changes are sometimes inevitable. Oracle In older versions of Debezium, users...